Tuesday, August 25, 2009

a thing of the past

They are so cute, so inviting...those snack sets... where women used to actually use them for coffee, baby showers...get togethers.

And now, I see them everywhere, and I get the impression women aren't using them any more, for they really are aplenty.After bringing one home from salvation armani and saying to my sissy, there has to be something we can do with this, she suggested a picture frame. Brilliant!

Can be used for Family or Friends, even Pets, and Holidays!

They sit just right in pretty plate holders.


  1. Great idea! Love it! You are so creative! How can I find you on etsy?

  2. Just go to Etsy and search for Back At Ya Babe.

  3. My mil does use these still for the card parties they have every month. We are always on the look out for snack trays but I love the idea you have with them. I may have to snag a couple from her

  4. Might be one of my favorite creations of yours so far!

  5. Love the idea but I actually use mine occasionally...and those flowered shaped ones look kinda, sorta like mine...we need to talk...I want some more!