Saturday, September 26, 2009

Good Friends

There is nothing like a good friend. Someone who "gets" it. I have a few of these that just understand what I might like but one in particular who shops at garage sales and finds me treasures. Take a look at what she found for me and for my sister (though I have yet to share with her yet!)

This is a metal cow tag with the number 18.

And, she offered this cool desk that I am using right now and several license plates. What I like most about this Jean is our conversations about parenting. She has the best ideas. I could visit with her for hours. Such a dear. I hope you all have friends that just "get it".


  1. Great post Miss Karla - I'd say your one of my "just "get it"" friends :) Good to hear your voice on my voicemail!!!

  2. oh yeah definitely
    "get it"!!