Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Day 27

How are your resolutions going?

No yoga or bootcamp here. The kitchen is coming along nicely though. I am ready to start in on the dining room so I have 4 days left in the kitchen (minus the cupboard doors). They aren't here yet so I'm not counting those.

I've been cleaning out my photos on my computer.

Finding some pictures that I haven't seen yet...

Trashing those that I don't like or need and wondering if I should print out those that I do like.

I'm in a dilemma.

I haven't printed pictures and put them in an album since last summer.

So, do I catch up or go all tech? What are you doing with your pictures?
Do you save them on a CD? On a memory disk thing? Do you print? Any ideas?


  1. Love the pics. Here is my situation...I have not printed a picture since December 2008! So I have a year plus of pics on CD to catch up on. I haven't started Nate's baby book. I have streamlined...each kids has a baby book, we have a holiday book, vacations book and each kid will have a school year book. The rest of the pics stay on disc. But I have a year to catch up on! Overwhelming to think about! And I know I cant even think about starting until after my brother's wedding...that's another 6 months! UGH!

  2. We need to find you a yoga class, Karla!! xo Erin

  3. Hi Karla! Just got a chance to go back and get all caught up on your blog for the year.

    I love all the pictures of your house, the kids, your creative goodies! What fun! It was fun to catch up on the happenings of your family.

    Also sorry to hear your gall bladder is pitching you fits. I had mine out in my early 20s. Those episodes are extremely uncomfortable. The surgery is pretty easy and recovery is quick. If you have another painful episode here's a tip for you . . . get upside down. The pain is often caused by sludge and stones blocking things up. I used to flip over the back of the couch or chair and let gravity help me. Sounds crazy but if you aren't going to go to the ER then take some advil or tylenol and get upside down.

    And then here you asked about pictures . . . you asked what do we do with them? I'm all digital now . . . I make digital storybooks with all our photos. It's fun, fast, easy and still creative. Check it out sometime

    Our love to Trent, you and the kids - God Bless!
    Nicki Byars