Monday, July 19, 2010

Story, Wyoming

Here's where I've been this week, hanging out, enjoying the noises the creek makes, working on swaps for Silver Bella, watching the kids throw pine cones into the water.

The first day we went to the Rodeo parade in Sheridan.  Kitt was a little "canky" as she calls it...

 She found happiness by taking pictures and I have to say, they are so cute!  I love seeing what she sees...
blue Wyoming skies...
pictures of mommy and kids...

she loves asking me to make funny faces...
our stash of snacks...
pictures of grandma...

buildings in Sheridan...
daddy's new look...

and her feet!
We went to mini-golfing the next day...

Yesterday we went to a favorite spot of ours, Meadowlark Lake...

Tomorrow will hopefully be a fishing day.  The weather hasn't cooperated for us to be out on the lake.  We are hoping for a good boat day tomorrow, out last day here.


  1. i miss kitt
    and bennett!
    and you.
    and trent.
    come home!!!!
    it looks like
    you are all
    having a
    love the photos!
    miss you!

  2. I feel canky sometimes, too. :)
    Have a great vacation!

  3. Looks like a wonderful trip! Kitt is quite the photographer. Loved all the look adorable!

  4. Have to tell you what Sophia said tonite at bedtime. Since it's too late to call...We are praying and I said..."thank you that Jesus is our best friend", then S says "Kitt is my best friend!...but she has wild hair!" I said "and you have wild hair!" "Yeah", she says.."it's kinda funky"...
    too cute :)

  5. I love these photos, Karla! Looks like a great family time. And, even though I recently saw the kids this summer, I can't believe how big they look. Especially, Kitt! She looks like she's grown alot this summer.


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