Saturday, January 1, 2011

What is waiting in 2011

Happy New Year!

I'm already planning for the year....thinking about registration for Silver Bella in April, vacations in July, Bennett starting Kindergarten in August.  Before I get too far...I'm thankful to be putting 2010 away.  Not that it has been a terrible year, just some ups and downs.  We have grown and some good, good things have happened.  But, I can't be honest if I didn't say some challenges came last spring that brought on growing pains.  

And now, I'm thankful to be starting a fresh, new year.  Christmas is now past......

Silver Bella is still on my mind, even after putting away the elf tree I made....

I'm already thinking I should go upstairs and get out the Valentine's Day things...and I just put away Christmas this morning!

I'm feeling a little stuck as to what I should create next...hoping it will come to me sooner than later.

Happy New Year Friends!


  1. Seems 2010 was a challenging year for many people! Bring on 2011!!

  2. we're on the same
    wave length, sissy...
    already pulled
    my valentine's day
    pretties out!

    love the pics
    of bennett and
    kitt on Christmas