Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Come on in!

Take a peek on the inside...

our front door became our color pallet for the rest of the house...

a view from the entry way and

the rest of the living room.

the churches and lights are a special favorite.  I made the piano key sculpture that will remain up all year.

a view of the fireplace

This is a mixture of artificial greens and real, the hydrangeas are dried.   The candelabras were found at a garage sale for $10 for the pair and I had them rewired.

Here's my bookcase I found for $10 at another sale...

how I love spray paint!

vintage by crystal made the jolly christmas from two toilet paper rolls and the three angels came from grandma's house.

sissy is on my dad, I'm sitting on my mom.  

the camera came from Trent's grandmas.

I will have to post more later...this is taking longer than I thought it would!

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  1. Beautiful!! I have those same fat guinea fowl, painted white. :)