Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Taking a Break

I'm moving on, at least for awhile.  Here's where you can find my Cut From A Different Cloth items.

Have a great summer!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Always Changing

Life is changing constantly.   My life is going through change and I have to be ready, even if I'm not.  Kitt will start Kindergarten and I will start work again. I will teach college freshman in the fall and am very much excited to be back on campus working with college students.  I may be working part time at a very fun store and hope to have a few fall shows for my scarves.

 My days with the wee ones are slowly coming to a close.  The days were long, the years were short.

A favorite recent change of mine is saying goodbye Blackberry, hello Apple.

I'm in love with the camera and instagram.

Bennett has lost his toddler look for good...

the girls are looking more grown up.

I love moments like this!

Still trying to figure out how to change my blog or even if I'm okay with saying goodbye to it.  I do like the changes that blogger made and can't believe I haven't noticed them until now!  HA!

One change that is not so fun is having ZERO creative juices flowing.  I'm hoping they come back soon.  What helps you to create?

Changes are good, I just have to get used to them!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Pinkabella 2012

Another Pinkabella came and went!  So much fun!!!  Mom went with us this time.  She didn't feel like creating but took a lot of pictures for us, too bad they are on HER camera!

Here's what I snapped...

Sissy has a some great shots, take a lookie!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

a few more...

favorites from vintage by crystal 

dining room...


Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Come on in!

Take a peek on the inside...

our front door became our color pallet for the rest of the house...

a view from the entry way and

the rest of the living room.

the churches and lights are a special favorite.  I made the piano key sculpture that will remain up all year.

a view of the fireplace

This is a mixture of artificial greens and real, the hydrangeas are dried.   The candelabras were found at a garage sale for $10 for the pair and I had them rewired.

Here's my bookcase I found for $10 at another sale...

how I love spray paint!

vintage by crystal made the jolly christmas from two toilet paper rolls and the three angels came from grandma's house.

sissy is on my dad, I'm sitting on my mom.  

the camera came from Trent's grandmas.

I will have to post more later...this is taking longer than I thought it would!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Merry Christmas!

I know I've skipped fall but I started decorating for Christmas on October 22 this year!  Handing out candy on Halloween and decorating the tree was certainly interesting.  Our home was open for a Christmas Walk to raise money for the developmental disabled.

Here's our 1955 Hudson Hornet just returning from the country.

vintage paper wrapped gifts in the back window...

and a wreath and bow to make it complete

a view of the porch...

love these planters that Steinbrinks landscaping did...

next to the front door...
"...and they will call him Immanual-which means God with us"

can you come over and have a cup of cocoa with me?

my mom cut greens from her farm...can't believe how beautiful this turned out!  pine cones and a candle in a basket with twigs sticking out, set it on greens and finished!

 another view...

sissy let me borrow her sled, the skates are mine...love the greenery that the landscapers added...

I'll take you inside tomorrow and then show you the pictures after the snow came!