Sunday, November 15, 2009

Silver Bella 2009

Unbelievable. The work, the talent, all the right brains next to you...I loved it! Here are my favorite moments:

Meeting my big sister and laughing with her...what a dear she is. I so wish I could spend more time with her. I loved sitting next to her and watching her work. A treat indeed.

Meeting Malene, taking Charlette's sweater to hat class, meeting Joy and Sandi from Southern California, and making my snowman.

I loved visiting with Chantel about being a BM siesta!

Listening to Jo and meeting her. Meeting two beautiful sisters, Carol and Elizabeth.

Walking around vendor night with my friend Megan in my gorgeous apron that Debbie made.

I know I have others but I just wanted to list a few while they were fresh in my mind and heart. I can't wait to read everyone's blogs and looking at their work. I've never felt so much at home in a had to have been the good company that surrounded me.

Love ya bellas!


  1. it was so great
    sharing all this
    with you, karla...
    love you.

  2. sniff sniff.
    Even though I'm not in your heart nor in your mind...I still love you Karla! I so enjoyed meeting you!!! I'm still jealous of those gorgeous brown velvet flowers you bought from Wanda and her sister...lucky you!
    I hope we'll do all of this again soon...keep in touch~
    everything vintage

  3. oh sweet karla,

    i'm sooo happy we got to meet!! but even happier that we got to spend some time together!! hope you're enjoying your "hobby"!!! (i'd write "don't be ashamed", but what would people think!! he-he) and here's to seeing the sun and always knowing what time it is!!!
    love ya honey!!!