Thursday, November 19, 2009

Still Unpacking!

That's a good many goodies in those goody bags. I'm determined to finish the projects that I didn't get done. Hopefully this weekend.

Here's how the kitchen is coming along...

This is the booth that my uncle built for the breakfast nook. Can't wait to have friends over for coffee.
No oven or stovetop's at Aunt Jo's Maytag waiting for me to cook on but the tile is looking great!


  1. Hey Carla!

    It was great to meet you at Silver Bella :) You always had such a lovely smile!

    I love the green tile you have in your kitchen. It looks fab!

  2. karla,

    Can I stop in for coffee???


  3. The kitchen looks great. And I LOVE your breakfast nook. Wish I could join you for coffee!