Sunday, December 6, 2009

Christmas sweaters and Bridget

For those who have read the book or seen the movie, you may be smiling right now. My great friend Megan might be laughing. Me too. She's the best kind of friend one could have, she totally gets it. She's also a great friend for sitting with me at a show for hours on Saturday.

We had a wonderful time trying to figure out how to teach people to 'get it'...not sure we came up with anything but we did happen to see a few of those razzle dazzle Christmas sweaters! I'm still laughing.

She took these fabulous pictures of me with my stuff.

One question Megan thought I might ask my readers is, what do you like from Back At Ya Babe? I'd love your in put if you have a moment.

Here's my latest's not really a scarf but it's not a dicky....not sure what to call it. Megan's calling it a swarf! I made it out of a sweater. It's fun to wear and it keeps me warm. My sweater to hat class from Silver Bella was my inspiration for it.



  1. I could so use a swarf on cold mornings without all the bulk of scarf. It's very cute, how does it stay on?

  2. It just sits on my shoulders...turns a little every now and then, but very warm.

  3. karla,

    i love your swarf!! and did you know people have theme christmas parties where you have to show up in one of those razzle dazzle sweaters!!


  4. look how cute you are. seriously. how does one make a swarf? will you post a tutorial sometime? i can't wait for spring to come and all this nasty weather to go away so i can make more trips over your way. i'm itching to craft with the girls!