Monday, February 8, 2010

Trip to the Cousins

My sister and I have a secret shopping place. We call it the "cousins" so no one else finds it. It's really called Tiede's and they are not online so I guess that makes it okay for me to share...hee hee.
It's in tiny town in Nebraska for all those wanting to go.

Here's what you can find at penny prices:

A darling chalkboard with messages to greet guests in the entry way.

An old potato chip holder turned into a perfect photo/postcard display.

Vintage postcards-.50 cents!

Here's my favorite find from this last trip:

A vintage trunk that I made into a coffee table.

It's just the right size, color, and price: $25!
I actually found the idea to use something that looked like this from pottery barn, except their trunk is $1299.00! I think I'll stick to shopping at the cousins.


  1. That trunk is so cute...what a find! I get to make my first trip to Tiede's this weekend with my Mom! :)

  2. Oooh - I feel like an insider. I know the secret location...and if I ask the Teides if Lynn & Karla have been there lately, I get the "cousins discount". Makes me feel like one of the cool kids. :) Great finds!!

  3. You found some great vintage items....I really like the potato chip bag holder for cards/photos. Great idea! Happy Valentine's day to you.

  4. It was a "rite of passage"...I took Kate to see the cousins this weekend....and a stop at Refind to purchase one of your "wares"...she's hooked!

  5. Love the trunk! And the potato chip holder...cute idea! Love your clever creativity!

  6. This looks like it is worth making the trip across the better weather. I have found some great ones in rural Iowa, too. Hooray for the Midwest!

    Susan Reaney
    Silver Bella Freshman '09