Friday, February 19, 2010

Did you know Luke Skywalker wears pink?

Neither did I but my precious boy thinks so.  We have a costume box in the basement and my sister adds things to it so we really have a nice collection to choose from.  Bennett dug in the box and put together this outfit while I was painting upstairs.  He came up and said, "Look Mommy, I'm Luke Skywalker!"  I nearly died laughing while trying to hold it together at the same time and then grabbed my camera before he was off shooting his pretend enemies.
I'm not sure what is underneath the pink poodle skirt but I think it could be a chest shield for a pirate...oh if George Lucas could see this I know it could be in his next sci fi.

He wanted to display his hands too, again, no idea what these are...

Here's Kitt having fun too!  She's made up a game called "Fellow".  Anyone who knows anything about this please fill me in...these kids have quite the imagination!


  1. the pink poodle skirt
    makes a great accessory
    for luke...i wonder why
    it wasn't used in the
    original movies.

  2. That's cute! Love their imaginations.