Sunday, March 7, 2010

Month 3, Day 7 of 2010

Here are a few photos of the living room the day we moved in:

And here's what the room looks like now!

Does it look like the same room?  The fireplace needs a few finishing touches with replacing the trim that was removed when the giant mirror was put dad has been put in charge of finding the right pieces!

Here's the dining room before:

And after!  

I decided that I loved the tansy green in our family room so much I just had to have more of it in my house....

Here is is in our entry way.  I even painted the ceiling green!


  1. Karla, you've done a fantastic job! I love it when people can see past someone else's decorating style to what the house really can be. So glad you got rid of those drapes. :)

  2. WOW Karla! It looks fantastic! Love the colors. Very nice!