Sunday, November 21, 2010

4 years or so ago

I took a pair of vintage cowgirl boots and decided to cut them up and I made myself a new leather handbag!

Last year I took a class, taught by the lovely Charlotte Lyons, on how to make hats out of wool sweaters and now, I can't stop!  I've made scarves, wraps, loops, and all sorts...

I love cutting up and making new!  These scarves are headed for Indiana, some will stay and some will be on my new etsy store and a new blog I'm working on, with help from a friend....stay tuned!

Here's my next project:

It's a 1x size, I'm a sm/med...but I love the idea of making another sweater with flowers so I'm off to the sewing machine.

And another project brewing in my brain:

I know, it's crazy...but I think I can do it!


  1. karla,

    you are killing me!!!! you're my idol....when i grow up i want to be you!!!


  2. I can't wait to see you cute little doggy I have caught your bug...along with the other one I am still carrying around from my trip to Nebraska! But yours is a good bug...the felt/cut/create it bug!! I have been felting and cutting all day! So fun!! Made 3 hats and really want to make the wrap you had on....can't keep my mind off of it!

  3. I love all your ideas but the purse is my absolute FAVE! I want to buy one when you make another!