Sunday, November 28, 2010

Winter Wonder Hats...

I'm working a new etsy site for my textiles...more on that very soon!


  1. I love the bottom one ~ so cute!! I like them all, but the bottom is my fav! Can't wait to see the new site...

  2. Karla, Your hats are adorable just like you! People out there in etsy land will love them. I know I do!
    Kim :0)

  3. Love your hats...especially the one with the flower. Can't wait to see your etsy!

  4. Citizens of Earth:

    I will personally guarantee that my wife's hats will be the best you've ever worn. My head is extra-bulbous, and they more than adequately cover my melon. I'm so sure that you'll like a Back At Ya Babe hat, that if you don't, I will personally come to your house and wash your car. That's no lie.

    Trent W. Steele

  5. Love....LOVE.....LOOOOOVE.....all the cute hats! We miss our token sisters here in Indiana. Wish we could all craft together....that was so fun that night in Omaha!

  6. Yes, the hats are great! And Trent's post is priceless. Extra-bulbous. I thought this would be spell-checked but I find he's used actual words. But your face is what warms my heart!~ Lovely photos.

  7. So cute, Karla...Just wanted to stop and wish you a Merry Christmas and let you know that I'm thinking of you!