Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Trains, No planes, and Automobiles

My mom and dad celebrated their 45th wedding anniversary by taking all of us to Grand Junction, Colorado via Amtrak.  If you have ever ridden Amtrak across our country, you know there are all walks on that train.  Some interesting ones decided that Denver felt like home.  We, plain janes were happy to get back to Holdrege, Nebraska; population 1,000.  But that is for another day...

After our train was running late and going at stop and slow speeds, we decided to bring out the electronics...

We rented cars, 

fed the chipmonks at Land's End,

and toured the mountains, 

Mom and I had some good laughs on the train.  And, sissy, there wasn't a party you missed!

I have way more photos but it's taking too long to post.

Thanks mom and dad for a great trip!


  1. Hi Karla, I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed looking at all the tiny books on Michelle Geller's blog. I especially liked your tiny "embroidery stitches" edition. I wondered if you might have one left that you would be willing to sell or trade with. I just love the cover, I searched your blog to maybe get a peek inside but no luck. Although, I did enjoy your blog and the lovely pictures of your family.I would love to hear from you: I was at Silver Bella 2010 too! Such fun. Valerie

  2. What a fun trip! I LOVE the belt buckle!!