Monday, June 27, 2011

No Training Wheels, Pinkabella, Beth Moore and a whole lotta smiles

Look who's six and riding without training wheels...

The grin says it all!

Sissy Lynn sent our weekend of Pinkabella with Betty and Kitt to Stampington who has came out with a new magazine called, "Create with Me".  It's a magazine for parents and kids...ideas, and what have you.  

Well, our girls are most blessed around here!  

Click here for more!

While they were looking through the magazine, I was being blessed at Beth Moore.  She's a Women's Bible study teacher and a gifted one to say the least.  God has given her the ability to teach and reach many, many women.  

Here we are waiting for the doors to open...

After running down the hallway of Pershing like a crazy woman, I found seats in the third row!  A little embarrassing, but it was so much fun!

She spoke on Knowing Better...

Can you see her here?  She's looking up at the screen on stage.  

And, for those who do not know her, she has great taste in fashion, as you can see.  

I feel so blessed to have time with friends, learning, sharing, growing.  It truly was a great time, thanks Mandy, Jen and Shelly for an wonderful weekend!


  1. that 6 year
    old is one
    of the cutest
    things ever!!
    the girls are
    soooo happy
    and cute,
    basking in
    that pinka-bella
    glow, and
    the photos
    from beth moore
    are rockin!
    so glad you
    were able to

  2. congrats to the 6 year old!

    what's beth moore like "live"? I did a trial of her Esther series (which of course I haven't followed through and got the rest of) and she had me giggling :)

  3. Esther is a fabulous study. Daniel is a favorite of mine too. She is great "live". I enjoy her simulcast too if you can't make it to her events.

  4. YAY Bennet!!!

    You must tell Jen Paulser HI!! I got to know her and Jeff one summer when I worked at the golf course and they were so awesome!

    Love seeing pictures of your smiling face and those cute kiddos!

  5. All of the smiles are contagious!

  6. Such a great weekend w my sweet and real friend Karla. Love you and your heart girl. :)

    Congrats to sweet!