Monday, June 6, 2011

7 years of I Do

Trent and I celebrated our 7th year wedding anniversary this past weekend.  

We had a lovely time strolling around the Old Market.  

I love seeing our wedding flower on every anniversary.  This year, they were in full bloom.

I took this picture because my great grandmother Sigrid would be having a heart attack knowing that peonies are being sold at this price!  She used to have a yard full of them and sell them for Memorial Day.  (When my sister and I were younger, my dad thought it would be a good idea for a money maker for my sister and I...we didn't sell one!)

Look closely...this is the wall you see entering into the Goodwill at the Market.  Items attached to the wall and then spray painted.  Funky and a good way to use junk!

Lunch, ice cream and then went to see Wicked, which was unbelievable!

Thank you Trent, for a wonderful day, and many more to come...I love you.

Perfect day.


  1. What fun! I so want to see Wicked!

  2. you little lovebirds
    are adorable.