Saturday, June 11, 2011

Embracing Change

Trent will be leaving Kearney High as an Assistant Principal and starting a new journey with NSEA.  We are thankful that we do not have to relocate.  The next year will have challenges financially but the second year we will be fine.  So, budget cuts at our house.  Creative ways to cut back will have to be thought of.  I would love to be able to create from home and make up the difference but realize that 'that dream' may not be as close to coming true as what I hope.  I am looking forward to finding a job that will work with our new family schedule.  Trent will be able to walk us for Bennett's first day of school!  We are thankful for a more family time.    Here is the big preschooler graduate...

I have started my own challenge about 3 weeks see...I LOVE fashion and I LOVE a bargain.  I have a wardrobe that consists of lots of bargains- be it brand new shoes for .50 cents--like these...

but, I'm challenging my self to wear a different outfit for a only from my closet or making something new to wear from my fabric stash...did I mention that I also LOVE fabric?

What ideas do you have for me?  Note:  I do know coupons are a good way to save.  I carry them in my purse and then always forget to use them!  Any thoughts on a job?


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  1. One question I ask myself when trying to save money is: What do I have in my hand? For example, we attended a wedding this weekend and I had NO money available for a gift. I saw a pillow that the couple had on their registry, copied the pattern onto some felt that I had on hand, embroidered a Bible verse within the pattern and framed it in a frame donated by Clara. :-) I think asking myself this question helps me focus on what I DO have rather than on what I don't have (like, money) :-) I'm so GLAD that you don't have to move!!